Join the fun and get a place on the Cider Supporters Wall!

So, what’s a Cider Supporters Wall? Well, it will be a wall erected in the marquee at the festival where supporters’ photographs will be inserted into a specially designed Summer Moon A4 size poster (see example below) incorporating their photograph and naming the Cider Box(s) they are supporting through sponsorship. Each sponsorship of a box will cost £40 which will go directly to local charities and good causes.

Of course, you can be a supporter of more than one cider box if you are feeling generous. Even if you can’t attend the festival you can still sponsor a box.

So, all you have to do is to provide a digital photograph (Jpeg preferred) of your choosing together with your remittance for £40 per Cider Box sponsored and we will do the rest.
A.   We’ll arrange for the poster to be protected by plastic film and posted on the Cider Supporters Wall.
B.   Your name will be included as a Cider Box supporter on the Summer Moon website and mentioned in the free printed festival programme offered to all visitors.
C.   You will be sent two free entrance tickets to the festival plus a digital version of the poster as a keep sake which you can post on your own social media. This will enable you to demonstrate your support for the Summer Moon festival, which takes place right on your door step.

What a great way to raise money for local charities and good causes! You will also be proudly associating your name with Summer Moon and see your name “appearing in lights” over the entire festival weekend and beyond by posting the special poster on your own social media.

Full details of how to be a Cider Supporter are here.  To get your name on the Cider Supporters Wall, contact Glenn. Email: or Mobile: 07722 372508

Don’t forget to tell us your name and how you would like this to be included on the Cider Supporters Wall (for example, family name, individual names, pet names, sports team, workplace team).

Here’s an example of how the Cider Supporters Wall poster will look:-

Cider sponsorship example II page

Terms and conditions

1. Deadline for supporters to be mentioned in the printed festival programme is 1 June 2018.
2. Supporters will be encouraged to “be inspired” with their photographs (family, pets, digitally adjusted) but publication of the poster is at Summer Moon’s discretion bearing in mind that this is a festival with a strong family focus.
3. By supplying a photograph, the supporter has confirmed that everyone in the photograph has given their consent (a) to the supporter and (b) to Summer Moon for publication of the poster and their name in the ways mentioned above.
4. Posters ordered at the festival will be placed on the Wall and the supporter’s name added to the website as soon as possible, but Summer Moon cannot guarantee the date/time of publication. There may be technical reasons beyond Summer Moon’s control which cause a delay.