Information for the Summer Moon festival in 2019 will be on this page in Spring 2019.

Until we update this page for 2019, this is the information we published for our 2018 festival.

2018 FESTIVAL INFORMATION BEGINS (subject to change for the 2019 festival)

Yummy, things to eat!  This is a list of the food concessions you can expect at the festival in 2018.

All food is subject to availability.

You will see that there are some vegetarian options.  Please ask the caterer if you have a query about other food choices or any special dietary requirements.

List of caterers and food for 2018Available FridayAvailable Saturday
Piccolo PizzasYesYes
Thai noodlesYesYes
"The Teign Canteen" Steak baguettes, Cajun spiced chicken wrap/sandwich.YesYes
Pulled pork burgersYesNo
Barney's Hog roastNo Yes
Locally roasted coffees. Greek style food: lemon roasted potatoes, baked aubergine with feta cheese, spinach pies with feta cheeseYesYes
Beef burgersYesYes
Candy floss NoYes