Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 festivals.

Kingskerswell Summer Moon Festival is a volunteer run charity festival that showcases all that is best in South West beers and ciders, all sampled to the accompaniment of talented local bands and musicians.

The festival is organised by dedicated committee members, all working on a voluntary unpaid basis, drawn mainly from the villages of Kingskerswell and Coffinswell. Every member of the committee is very proud of the festival and the fact that it is run entirely by volunteers.  Each committee member brings knowledge, skills and experience of their varied careers to the many hours of preparatory work, organisation and meetings that make our festival the envy of other local communities. Indeed, our festival is so well run that some people suspect that it is being run by a commercial organisation or that we are employing a professional team to manage it. None of this is true!!

As well as being committed, efficient, enthusiastic and talented the committee members are pretty good-looking too.  So we’ll soon be including a “team photo” to help you recognise who we are when you are at the festival.  We also plan to include a selection of people profiles about committee members so that you can really feel you’re getting to know us.

Aiding the committee is an army of volunteers that at festival time help to prepare the site, run the car park, staff the bars, tidy the site and much, much more. All of these people are unpaid and give their time willingly to help ensure the village can be proud of its festival and surroundings.

The festival is very fortunate to be supported by a number of community minded local businesses.  They help in a variety of ways:  by sponsoring a barrel of beer, providing their services free of charge, advertising the festival and sponsoring some of the costly printing and other bits and pieces that are needed to make the event run successfully and in a professional way whilst maintaining all the fun of a village festival.  This commitment from local business people helps to make sure that we can keep our running costs as low as possible and maximise the money that we are able to raise for charity.

Then there is you. None of the success that we have enjoyed over the the past 11 years (2008 – 2019) would be possible without your continued support. We hope that you will come again this year, bring your family and friends, and have a great time. THANK YOU!