Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 festivals.

ENTRANCE PRICES – please note that the details below are provisional until there is another festival.  

All tickets for the Beer and Music festival are sold on the gate, no advance ticket sales.


We are a small (but beautifully formed) local community festival, run by volunteers.
Friday (5pm – 11pm)
Friday evening entrance: £6 per person (for all ages)

Saturday (11am – 11pm)
All day entrance: £10 per person. For ages and concessions see below:-

Until 4pm : £10 for age 16+ and £5 for ages 12 – 15s.   NOTE: Under 12s have free entry, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
After 4pm : £10 for all ages (other than under 12s)       NOTE: Under 12s have free entry, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

CAMRA members entry price : £7 (all day, Saturday 20 June). This discounted price applies to CAMRA members on presentation of a valid membership card.


These are the token rates which applied for the 2019 festival.  They are provisional for the next festival.    

Starter pack1 glass and 5 tokens = £10

Token prices  
1 Token£2
3 Tokens£5
6 Tokens£10
9 Tokens£15and so on.....

What do your tokens buy?  Information on the measures and tokens for wine and Prosecco is also on the wine page.
TokensBeer and Cider Wine
1 TokenHalf a pint of beer or ciderN/A
2 Tokens1 pint of beer or ciderOR125ml of wine
3 Tokens250ml of wine
250ml Prosecco

Replacement glasses – please go to the Point of Sale.  Cost for replacement glass is 1 token.  Glasses: no free glasses…..

… the interests of the environment and to save wastage.  You may use your own Summer Moon pint or half-pint plastic glass from previous years (but not any made of actual glass or any other plastic glasses).    Summer Moon pint glasses have the measures for half pint and full pint on the side.  Summer Moon half-pint glasses have the measures for 125ml and 250ml (wine measures) as well as for half a pint on the side.  As a general rule, for safety reasons, no glass of any description is allowed on the festival site.  For additional information, see the sections on Glass and Glasses on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note that there is a strict under 18 policy. Young people and families are most welcome, under 16's must be accompanied by a parent/responsible adult.
Challenge 25 will operate at this festival, so if you are 25 years or under please bring a valid ID with you - no ID, no alcohol. Please do not be offended if asked about your age.

Just a few words about entrance prices…..
We wish to continue running the festival in its current format – but everything comes with a cost. Even with a huge staff of willing volunteers, help from the local community, generous business sponsorship and the occasional supplier discount, it costs over £35,000 to run the festival each year. On every day of the festival you can continue to enjoy a high standard of organisation, entertainment and facilities in a safe, family friendly environment.