To all our visitors, friends, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers

It may not come as much of a surprise to most of you that the Summer Moon festival will not take place in 2022.  Less expected, perhaps, is the news that the festival under the Summer Moon name will not continue in the future.

With the greatest sadness, the trustees of Summer Moon have unanimously decided that it is not financially or practically viable to continue with the festival, whether in the time of Covid or no Covid. This is a decision taken with heavy hearts, but realistically heads have had to rule hearts in coming to this conclusion.  The dedicated and hard-working team of local volunteers who formed the event committee understand the reasoning behind the decision.

Other festivals, entertainment venues and fundraising events may have significant resources, guaranteed sponsorships or other support mechanisms which allow them to continue to function in difficult times. This is not true of Summer Moon.  In addition, the Summer Moon trust has legal obligations to the Charity Commission (as a Registered Charity) which imposes strict liabilities and obligations on the trustees.

With this backdrop plus all the complexities involved in running an event, unfortunately this wonderful era of a “great little festival” has come to an end.

But wait, we are not entirely down-hearted!  The festival has a brilliant record of successfully running a beer and live music event which was enjoyed by many and instilled great loyalty in our visitors from year to year.  From simple beginnings, the festival was loved and cherished by the original team. Over the years, with more people inspired to join in as hard working volunteers, it became a well-tuned, quality event.  It raised £160,000 during 12 years.  Over 60 local charities and good causes have benefitted as a result.  Simply amazing!

The sense of a community pulling together was apparent during all those years, generating goodwill all round, which can only be a good thing.  It’s important to recognise that there are impressive, thriving community groups in Kingskerswell which are playing their part too.  We hope that even more groups, particularly those that are youth or family oriented, will spring up in the future to bring fun, joy and entertainment to our fabulous local community.

We believe this could happen because local people – perhaps younger, fitter, with fresh new ideas – may be able to get events off the ground and encourage others to get involved.  As individuals, our own volunteers might be able to offer support with their expertise, experience and enthusiasm.  This would be yet another fantastic legacy arising from Summer Moon.

Thank you to all those who came along to the festival, to enjoy a vibrant few days on the Parish Meadow each summer.  Our primary objective was always to give people a good time, with the added benefit of raising money for charity.  You did us proud, you helped so many good causes whilst you were being entertained, fed and watered!

Thank you also to our very loyal and generous sponsors, without whom it would have been very difficult to set up the event each year.  Festivals are very expensive undertakings!

We sincerely hope that our suppliers and caterers are able to weather the current economic turbulence and continue to run their high quality local businesses.  Please support them if you can.

It’s important now to move on and look to the future.  We all need to live in hope.  Whatever happens in the future, we hope that this village and the wider local community will continue to support and be kind to one another – and have some fun and laughter along the way.

So be it.

Tony Johnson


For and on behalf of all trustees and committee members