STOP PRESS:  The weather forecast is generally very good for the festival this year.  However,  the forecast for the evening of Thursday 20 June, when the concert will be held, is 8-10 degrees.  Just remember that whilst the marquee provides cover from the rain, it is not heated.  So remember to wear suitable clothing and – if you really feel the cold – bring a car blanket or similar.

SPECIAL NOTICE ABOUT PARKING SPACES THIS YEAR – This year the Summer Moon festival site is very short of car parking space.  Spaces are always limited, due to the nature of the site, but this year there are fewer spaces than usual.  This is due to the re-ordering of Kingskerswell church, which means that contractors have equipment on car park spaces we normally use.

Please try not to use your car to get to the concert.  If you need to, please make best efforts to car share, to reduce the number of vehicles trying to find a space and to allow those who have genuine mobility issues to use the few spaces available.   Anyone with a mobility issue should make themselves known to the car park stewards on arrival.

When you arrive, you will see that there are some cars parked on site, in front of the concert marquee, but these cars will belong to members of the orchestra (who need to be near the marquee, to carry in their instruments, or cars for people with mobility issues).  Whilst you may think it is slightly inconvenient not to park next to the marquee, in fact when you leave the concert you should be able to get away quicker than if you park on site !  Thank you for your cooperation.  As always, please park considerately for our neighbours.

Summer Moon’s night of “Hope and Glory”

The ever-popular “Night at the Proms” concert will be held on the evening of Thursday 20 June 2019!  Concert starts at 7.30pm.  Gates open at 7pm.  This is an “advance ticket sales” only event, due to its popularity, so if you do not have a ticket we regret that you will not be able to buy one on the gate.  

The concert is due to finish at around 10pm.  If you think you might need to leave before the end of the concert, may we suggest that you find a seat towards the back so that you can leave without disturbing other concert-goers.  Thank you.


With a full capacity audience (300 people) in the large marquee the evening is very well supported.  For this reason, tickets are sold in advance only. 

Hurry !  Ticket sales close at noon on Monday 17 June 2019.  This is a very popular event!

Tickets are £10 per person and they are available from Glynis at the Garden Gate (01803 873534) and Chris at The Village Salon, 22 Fore Street, Kingskerswell.  Tickets are subject to availability and there will be no tickets available on the gate.

This is a traditional “Night at the Proms” concert by the Torbay Symphony Orchestra.  It is held in a grand marquee, with seating for 300 people.  It is not a “Proms in the Park” style concert, so please do not bring your own picnic, drink or chairs.  No alcohol is allowed on site other than as provided at our bar.  You may wish to bring a car blanket, if the evening is likely to be cool – and a cushion for your seat if you wish.

The audience enjoys stirring traditional flag waving and singing along with those old favourites, Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and Rule Britannia.

This year we have a truly amazing soloist joining the orchestra:   Jayden Lamcellari, on the cello.  He is sixteen years of age and has already had an amazing musical career – full details in the concert programme on the night.

The programme will be:-

BEETHOVEN – Egmont Overture

SCHUMANN – Cello concerto in A Minor   Soloist Jayden Lamcellari


SHOSTAKOVICH – Excerpt from Symphony no 5 in D Minor

Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 – Sir Edward Elgar

Fantasia on British Sea Songs – Sir Henry Wood

Jerusalem – Sir Hubert Parry

A few words from the Orchestra….

“We are as always looking forward to playing at this lovely venue where we are made so welcome by the enthusiastic audience and it has become a real pleasure to play”