Firstly, a word about measures and token prices:-

Single measure wine        125mls 2 TOKENS

Double measure wine        250mls 3 TOKENS

Double measure Prosecco    250mls 3 TOKENS

Yes, by popular demand we have Prosecco.

White wines for all tastes:  Bone dry Eastern European Pinot Grigio / Luscious Chilean Sauvignon Blanc / Buttery Australian Chardonnay

For a medium taste: Fresh and fruity Italian Orvieto

To go with your ice cream: fruity and syrupy sweet Moscatel, from Spain.

Red wines from Spain:  Gentle Merlot for a mellow mood.  Tempranillo which has loads of taste and attitude.

Rose wines:  Californian Zinfandel……… ripe strawberries. We know that’s what you want.  We have it by the gallon.

If you want spritzers we can accommodate, and we know more and more of you add lemonade: that’s just fine.


Your Wine Manager

Please note that there is a strict under 18 policy. Young people and families are most welcome, under 16's must be accompanied by a parent/responsible adult.
Challenge 25 will operate at this festival, so if you are 25 years or under please bring a valid ID with you - no ID, no alcohol. Please do not be offended if asked about your age.